Sunday, April 3, 2016 14 Km of Tour of Flanders 2016&dashboard=tour-of-flanders&id=0GAium61RVk&yr=2016 14 Km of Tour of Flanders 2016&dashboard=tour-of-flanders&id=0GAium61RVk&yr=2016

When I was growing up most American kids dreamed about hitting a walk off home run in the World Series, or making a last second touchdown catch in the Super Bowl, or scoring a buzzerbeater three pointer in game seven of the NBA finals, but me? I dreamed of riding away from the peloton in one of the big European Classic races. Today The incredible Peter Sagan played out my dream to perfection in one of the greatest races in the world - The Ronde Van Vlaanderen. Even though he was the odds on favorite, it was still a mind blowing to watch. He is now climbing into rarified air and writing his name in the history books as one of the greatest to ever turn a pedal in anger. How far will he take it? Only time will tell but it would seem that nearly anything is within his reach. The immediate thoughts turn to next weekend and the rough the hell of the north that is Paris Roubaix. Can he pull off the double? It's a tall order for sure, but you will not find this writer betting against him. My thanks to Peter and the rest of the peloton for proving that despite rumors to the contrary, the beautiful sport of cycling is as strong as ever, and the future looks bright, very bright indeed.

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