Saturday, December 28, 2013

Marianne in the crosshairs.
My posting may have taken a hiatus, but the UCI cyclocross season sure hasn't. The drama has been amazing and one of the most exciting events of the season has been the Queen of the sport returning to the peloton to do battle with the current series leader American Katie Compton. 

And on the heels of their excellent "Svenness" series, the CXhairs team has now set their sites on the other half of the current reigning monarchy in the world or professional cyclocross - Ms. Marriane Vos (Sven being the king of course). The M.O. is the same with perfect race analysis via text on the screen backed by suspect but strangely engaging music. The race results are probably not what you'd expect and the expert insight provided makes it well worth the are all of their other vids. If you or anyone you know is new or would like to learn more about the sport of cyclocross this video series is a must.

Click here to check it out. 

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