Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mud at the Marktcross.

Sven Nys getting dirty on his way to a 5th win at the Soudal Jaarmarktcross - photo credit: Photopress.be

Sven Nys thrives in bad weather. The uglier and muddier it is the more it suits his powerful riding style. It's his ability to win with his head or his legs that has made him the legend of cyclocross that he is. On fast and dry races where he may not be the fastest rider on the course at this stage of his career, he can out think his competition and be in the right place at the right time, but on days like today his unmatched skill and power shows and he often can ride through sections where everybody else has to portage. It's always so impressive to see him power through tire swallowing mud, leaving the competition behind in his tracks. At today's Soudal Jaarmarktcross he rolled in a solid 21 seconds ahead of a very impressive 19 year old Wout van Aert (Yet another talented Telenet-Fidea rider) in a very much deserved second placen - keep an eye out for this young one in the future. Rolling over in third was Rob Peeters (yes, another TF crewman) to make the podium an all Belgian affair (Surprise!). It was definitely a ride to remember on the Belgian "Day of remembrance" holiday (that's why they were racing on a Monday) and was yet another feather in the headress of a cap that Nys (Crelan KDL) has built for himself during his illustrious career. 

Watch the last lap footy here.

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