Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ahhh youth.

The boy becomes a man - Warren Baguil celebrates his first big victory - Photo credit: AFP Jaime Reina
Warren Baguil celebrated the biggest win of his life today. Considering he's a mere 21 years old one could be forgiven for thinking that's not such a huge deal, but it was, both literally and figuratively. Baguil took advantage of some late stage lollygagging from a 9 man break which included such well known names as Scarponi, Mollema, Nocentini and Coppel and launched a perfectly timed attack to move clear of the rest with just under 2 km to go. He also may have benefitted from a lack of respect from his older and (not so?) wiser companions as they looked back and forth at each other before rallying themselves to try and catch the kid from Hennebont France. It was to no avail however, as his youthful legs matched his youthful exuberance and he battled hard up the 9% final ramp to claim one of the most unexpected victories of this years Vuelta. A great win for the young Frenchman who will no doubt have tongues wagging regarding the possibility of his becoming the next big thing in French cycling. 

Take a look at his winning move here.

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