Tuesday, August 6, 2013

She's the man.

Shelley Verses is a legendary figure in the world of professional cycling. Never heard of her? That's ok, most people haven't heard of her - or the majority of people in the profession in which she made her mark. You see Shelley was the first ever woman soigneur in the history of professional cycling. She  broke down the walls of the good 'ol boys of the European peloton in the mid 80's as part of the great 7-Eleven team and then went on to work for some of the greatest teams of that age of cycling including Greg Lemond's tour winning La Vie Claire team. This interview gives great insight into her life as a soigneur and the mostly thankless job she and many others did in support of some of the greatest riders in history. Well worth the 15 minutes it lasts. 

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